About us

RZ Gruppen comprises several mechanical engineering workshops. The Group has several areas of shared competence and each workshop specializes in unique methods and processes. This gives us a high level of flexibility and means that we can always deliver what your company needs. As a customer of RZ Gruppen you will have a single contact person, even when your assignment means that several of our workshops contribute their expertise.

When your company requires production, component assembly or advanced prototypes, we will supply fast, effective and economic solutions, whether it means providing a prototype or manufacturing in short or long series. RZ Gruppen’s broad competence in many areas such as machining (milling and turning), machining of sheet steel, production and assembly of tools and fittings, are combined with the workshops’ specialization and flexibility. All of our companies are well known for high quality, advanced skills and reliability in delivery backed up by 60 years of experience. The services provided by each member of RZ Gruppen is presented on the following pages.

Subcontractor and system partner

RZ is both a subcontractor and a complete system partner that aims to establish a long-term and close relationship with you as a customer. We can maintain reliable stocks of key components by manufacturing a large batch in a long production run. That means your company does not need to manage its own warehouse and can gain increased preparedness and flexibility. RZ performs all types of assembly and can supply fully finished and packaged items.

For more complex assignments we like to get involved early in the design stage and use our competence to facilitate series production of new products. We can suggest alternative materials and product design that will mean an improved production flow that is more cost-effective.

Partners that make us stronger

To guarantee first-class project management and the right technical competence in every area, RZ maintains long-term cooperation with several leading technology consultants. Most of the production will be performed in our own workshops, but for some projects we use partners that specialize in areas such as surface treatment, injection molding and vacuum forming. This means we can always perform assignments that cover every stage from design and prototypes to full-scale series production.

We aim to expand and develop further

RZ’s ambition is to expand sustainably. We will grow by increasing sales and production and by acquiring existing companies that complement RZ Gruppen’s competence, business offer and geographic presence.


RZ increasingly produces components that are exported for final assembly in other parts of Europe. One example of this is our cooperation with Volvo 3P where we supply parts to the Renault truck factory in Lyon. Other examples include Markem Imaje, where we deliver components and finished units to their production plant and warehouse for labelling machines in Lyon, Hella KGaA in Germany and Mexico and KSR in Czech Republic.

Code Of Conduct

In order that RZ Gruppen shall enjoy a good reputation as a responsible business, its work must be built upon a consistent level of high integrity and in accordance with the laws and statutes that guide the Group’s activities.Business success is based on trust established and maintained over the long term among customers, staff, authorities and the general public.

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IT Security Policy

To minimize threats from Internet crimes, computer viruses, hacker attacks and other digital threats, RZ Gruppen has established a committee comprising IT managers from each company in the Group. The aim is to safeguard each company’s IT security, to resolve problems swiftly and bring in security specialists or advisers in the event of threats or infringements.

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