The RZ Group has established a whistleblower function via Whistleblower Partners, where you can report irregularities and misconduct. The purpose of the whistleblower function is to enable you to anonymously report misconduct in the RZ Group. Examples of misconduct include, bribery, fraud, theft, conflicts of interest, inappropriate side jobs and other work-related irregularities.

Employees of the RZ Group can find more information and instructions at their workplace.

Who can be a whistleblower?

In addition to the RZ Group’s employees, job seekers, interns, consultants and other people involved with the RZ Group in a work-related capacity are covered by the Whistleblowing Act.

What can you blow the whistle about?

You can blow the whistle on misconduct in the RZ Group. In order to be covered by the Whistleblowing Act, disclosure of the misconduct must be in the public interest. The disclosure could, for example, regard someone having committed serious irregularities of an illegal, unethical or inappropriate nature in their work. The whistleblower must also be of the opinion that the disclosure is true and work-related.

When should the whistleblower function not be used?

The function should not be used to report general opinions, e.g. regarding leadership, health and safety or business planning. Neither is it suitable for reporting sensitive HR issues relating to individuals.

How to use the whistleblower function

Reports can be submitted via the link below:

Remember to save your personal code, which you need in order to log in
and read replies from Whistleblower Partners.

You can also directly contact Marie Mattsson (CFO RZ Group):
RZ Gruppen AB
Magasinsvägen 9
43891 Landvetter
+46 31 7196044 or marie.mattsson@rzgruppen.se