Our companies

RZ Gruppen comprises several accomplished mechanical engineering workshops that specialize in different skills and offers that overlap in several areas. Thanks to close cooperation within the group we can guarantee that we will be the optimum subcontractor and system supplier for your company – whichever member of our group you deal with.



RZ ABAK is a specialist and full service supplier in tube bending. Our core competence is in the manufacture of welded products made from bended tube and produced in small … Läs mer 


RZ Auto CNC specializes in CNC turning. Thanks to the unique knowledge of our staff and the use of modern technology, we can supply components to customers with demanding dimensional … Läs mer 

Blomberg Stensson

RZ Blomberg & Stensson

RZ Blomberg & Stensson is a one-stop shop supplier specialising in the manufacture of parts and fully assembled products for customers in the engineering sector. We can produce anything ranging … Läs mer 


RZ Fastpro

RZ Fastpro was founded in 2012 at the Askim premises in Västra Frölunda. There was a need for a local, modern and innovative supplier of fasteners that could at the … Läs mer 

RZ Ferromekano

RZ Ferromekano specialises in waterjet cutting and robotic welding. We have three machines for waterjet cutting. We have excellent stocks of materials so that we can offer quick and reliable … Läs mer 


RZ Finmekanik

RZ Finmekanik specializes in small dimension components. We have unique, all-round knowledge that allows us to solve most challenges. What sets us apart from your usual workshop is the breadth … Läs mer 

HB Mekaniska

RZ HB Mekaniska

RZ HB Mechanical is a high tech engineering company focusing mainly on CNC milling, CNC turning and machine manufacturing. A company that always strives to be a leader in manufacturing … Läs mer 

RZ INM Mekaniska

RZ INM Mekaniska

RZ INM Mekaniska AB is specialized in sheet metal, deep drawing presses, NC-controlled press brakes and with 3-D laser-produced advanced sheet metal parts in all materials. Our concept encompasses all … Läs mer 

Kils Verkstad

RZ Kils Mekaniska

RZ Kils Mekaniska is a qualified subcontractor that machines steel and sheet metal products. With expertise and a well thought-out machine shop, we can offer quality, safe deliveries and competitive … Läs mer 

RZ Mekpart

RZ Mekpart AB is a modern, full-service business founded in 1976. Today we have 70 employees and have a wide business offer, based on specialized expertise. Our range runs from … Läs mer 

RZ OLDA Innovation

Since opening for business in 1985 OLDA has built invaluable experience in the development, design and manufacture of special tools and equipment primarily for the automotive and other manufacturing industries. … Läs mer 


RZ Pressmetall

Within RZ Gruppen, RZ Pressmetall specializes in high precision, hot-forged components in aluminium and brass. We have long experience, a very broad knowledge of materials and our own heat treatment … Läs mer 

RZ Riboverken

RZ Riboverken is one of the RZ companies that specialize in sheet metal machining. Backed by extensive experience and using state-of-the-art equipment the company’s manufacturing extends from prototypes to long-series … Läs mer 

SBS Stem Boiler

RZ SBS Steam Boiler Service

RZ SBS Steam Boiler Service specialises in steam/hot water boilers and heat treatment in the process industry. We offer service, maintenance, spare parts and inspections, as well as the sale … Läs mer 

RZ ZamPart

RZ ZamPart has considerable expertise in machining, deep drawing, cold forging and sub-assembly, giving our customers the best methods for cost-effective and quality-assured manufacturing. The company is known for its … Läs mer 

Skärande bearbetning

RZ Ölme Mekaniska

Specialist in cutting operations. At RZ Ölme Mekaniska, we manufacture machined components from many different types of material. We assist customers with the production of prototypes, and perform series production … Läs mer