RZ ABAK is a specialist and full service supplier in tube bending. Our core competence is in the manufacture of welded products made from bended tube and produced in small to medium series in dimensions up to 152,4 mm.

Our products are subject to high quality demands in terms of tolerances, purity and complexity. Our welding department has certification for the highest standards. All tube products that will contain flows are pressure-tested up to 450 bar and most tubes are surface treated with chrome plating or wet paint. The materials that RZ ABAK mostly works in are hydraulic and pressure-vessel tubing in stainless steel and aluminium. We are a full-service provider and our Technology Department has the competence and experience to be able to turn an idea into a finished product, based for example on a 3D model, doing all the calculations and production drawings for complicated tube designs and flow requirements.

Pressure vessel calculations and CE labelling are other examples of services that we offer in our Technology Department.