RZ Auto CNC specializes in CNC turning. Thanks to our staff’s unique knowledge and the use of modern technology, we can supply components to customers who have demanding dimensional and quality requirements.

We manufacture components in materials such as stainless steel, acid-resistant alloys, carbon steel, copper alloys, brass, aluminium and plastics from Ø6-85mm bar material.
Larger pieces, up to Ø350mm, are processed from cut or molded substances in our robot-fed or manual-fed lathes.

In our multi-operation machines we machine cast products, as well as performing complementary operations after automated turning.

We process everything from round bar, tube and profiles to cast materials. Processing also includes centerless grinding or honing and high-precision honing. With the help of partners, we also offer various types of post-treatment such as surface and heat treatment. In addition, we assist our clients with the assembly of parts and components from various materials to produce a more complex unit or finished component. RZ Auto CNC is well known for meeting short lead times and establishing an efficient logistics flow from raw materials to the delivery of quality components. Our customers value our ability to think differently when they present a product idea to us.

We are at our best when we can be an active resource and help to find optimal solutions. Challenge us – we will match your expectations!