RZ Auto CNC specializes in CNC turning. Thanks to the unique knowledge of our staff and the use of modern technology, we can supply components to customers with demanding dimensional and quality requirements.

We offer our customers quality-assured processes and cost-effective solutions.

We manufacture components in a wide range of materials such as stainless steel, acid-resistant alloys, carbon steel, copper alloys, brass, aluminum and plastics from Ø6–Ø90 mm bar material.

Larger pieces up to Ø350 mm are machined from cut or cast materials in our robot-fed or manual-fed lathes.

Our multi-purpose machines process parts and cast products as well as perform complementary operations from our turned components.

We process everything from round bar, tube and profiles to cast materials. Further processing may also include centreless grinding, tumbling or assembly. With the help of our partners, we also offer various types of post-treatment such as surface and heat treatment.

RZ Auto CNC has an efficient logistics flow from raw material to delivery of quality-assured components, making us a very attractive subcontractor.

Our goal is to always be our customers’ first and best choice. Challenge us – we will match your expectations!