RZ Blomberg & Stensson

Blomberg Stensson

RZ Blomberg & Stensson is a one-stop shop supplier specialising in the manufacture of parts and fully assembled products for customers in the engineering sector. We can produce anything ranging from prototypes to small and medium-sized series, and we also manufacture our own products.

We specialise in sheet metal and tube/pipe finishing, as well as general machining. We manufacture anything from simple parts to complex, fully assembled products, and we can also offer design, powder coating and assembly.

Our breadth of expertise means we can generally manage all aspects of manufacture inhouse. This makes us extremely flexible, allowing us to offer short lead times for our products.

With our systematic work ethic, we put every effort into making sure that each day we deliver the products our customers require. Our expertise and enterprising spirit mean that we can help our customers develop their operation and their business.

Find out more at www.blomberg-stensson.se