RZ Ferromekano

Ferromekano specializes in waterjet cutting. Three Machines, including a 5-axis machine that can cut angles up to 45 degrees, combined with the 30 years of experience of our programmers make us a strong partner in waterjet cutting. In order to offer quick and reliable service we have excellent stocks of materials. Steel, aluminium, stainless and acid-resistant stainless steel are available in sizes of 0.5-50 mm. In addition we also stock plastics, rubber and brass / copper.

Waterjet is a versatile form of processing that is suitable for a variety of materials. We perform two methods for waterjet cutting. One method uses water only at extremely high pressure (3,500 bar) for cutting soft materials such as rubber and foams. In the second method, the water is mixed with hard sand. This is called abrasive waterjet cutting and it cuts everything from tiles, glass and plastics to titanium and really thick tool steel (125 mm).

Cold processing preserves the structure of the material

Unlike cutting with laser and plasma, waterjet cutting is a cold procedure that does not alter the material’s structure and composition. There is therefore no risk of curing the machined surface, which could compromise further processing. Materials such as wood, rubber and plastics are completely destroyed by hot cutting methods.

Minimal waste saves money and the environment

Because we can cut shapes with small margins, we can reduce consumption of materials significantly. And because we can manoeuvre parts, we can avoid unnecessary processing and thus save more material. The setup time is minimal, which also keeps costs down. There are significant environmental benefits. Water and sand are natural substances that can be purified and recycled repeatedly.