RZ Ferromekano

RZ Ferromekano specialises in waterjet cutting and robotic welding.

We have three machines for waterjet cutting. We have excellent stocks of materials so that we can offer quick and reliable service. Steel, aluminium, stainless steel and acid-resistant stainless steel are available in sizes of 0.5 to 50 mm. We also stock a lot of plastics, rubber and brass/copper.

Waterjet cutting is a versatile form of processing suitable for a variety of materials. We use two water cutting methods. One method simply uses water at extremely high pressure (3,500 bar) to cut soft materials such as rubber and foams. The second method uses water mixed with a high quality hard sand. This is known as abrasive waterjet cutting and can be used to cut everything from tiles, glass and plastics to titanium and really thick tool steel (125 mm).

Cold processing preserves material structure

Unlike laser and plasma cutting, waterjet cutting is a cold process that does not alter the structure and composition of the material. Hence there is no risk of quenching the surface of a metal, which could compromise further processing. Materials such as wood, rubber and plastics are completely destroyed when hot cutting methods are used.

Minimising waste saves money and the environment

We can significantly reduce consumption of materials because we can cut shapes with such small margins. And we can manoeuvre parts too, which means we can avoid unnecessary processing and thus save even more material. The setup time is minimal, which also helps to keep costs down. There are significant environmental benefits, too. Water and sand are natural substances that can be purified and recycled repeatedly.

Robotic welding in two robotic cells

For our robotic welding, we have invested in two robotic cells that enhance and expedite production. We offer robotic welding using:

Robotic welding is ideal when a product needs lots of welds, as it is three times quicker than manual welding and also ensures a high level of consistency and precision while maintaining a high output. Most manual welding operations are unable to match this.

CMT welding is superb for materials up to 5 mm. It results in significantly less heat impact, with a lot less deformation in the finished product.

We deal with all of the fixture production needed for the objects to be welded and are also able to handle smaller series thanks to our flexible fixturing, coordinate tables and talented staff.