RZ Finmekanik


RZ Finmekanik specializes in small dimension components. We have unique, all-round knowledge that allows us to solve most challenges. What sets us apart from your usual workshop is the breadth of machines and knowledge we offer. We mill, turn, grind, and operate wire and die sinking EDM machines.

At Finmekanik, we strive to deliver the highest quality components in every situation to ensure that the customer is always satisfied and happy to return. We work on a daily basis with most common materials such as stainless steel, titanium, plastic and aluminium, but we also don’t shy away from those slightly more unusual materials. We specialize in small production runs and prototypes with quick deliveries.

Our machine shop currently consists of:

We also have a variety of grinding machines, manual lathes and milling machines for all kinds of jobs.

Please visit us and give us a challenge!