RZ Finmekanik


RZ Finmekanik specializes in the design and manufacture of complex fittings and tools for punching, bending, stamping and prototypes for smaller production runs. Our employees have unique knowledge and high specialization in advanced machining, which gives our customers access to a broad collective expertise.

We manufacture precision parts in aluminum, steel, plastic, stainless steel, but also in highalloy materials such as titanium. Our customers include companies active in orthopedic and medical technology. Another of our customers produces satellite equipment and we manufacture complex mechanical components for the computer systems and antennas used onboard the satellites. We also manufacture microwave electronics for the satellites.

As a specialist in machining, we are involved in development from prototype to finished product and series production. We use advanced manufacturing techniques that include wire and die-sinking EDM as well as round, flat and jig grinding. Milling and turning takes place in our 3, 4 and 5-axis CNC machines and in manual processing machines.