RZ Pressmetall


Within RZ Gruppen, RZ Pressmetall specializes in high precision, hot-forged components in aluminium and brass. We have long experience, a very broad knowledge of materials and our own heat treatment facilities. Our customers include companies in the defence and manufacturing industries.

Hot-forged items are strong and light-weight. Unlike molded parts, hot-forged parts can be made with high accuracy and without porosity. Hot forging is a processing method in which a heated substance in solid form is directly extruded into the desired design under great pressure in a two-part form. This is an efficient use of materials and minimizes the need for subsequent machining. Using our method and treatable aluminium alloys we can optimize the best characteristics of the materials.

Hot-forged parts in aluminium can be given a decorative and durable finish using anodizing or hard anodizing. These finishes reinforce corrosion protection and enable the parts to withstand abrasion better thanks to a thicker and harder oxide.