RZ SBS Steam Boiler Service

SBS Stem Boiler

RZ SBS Steam Boiler Service specialises in steam/hot water boilers and heat treatment in the process industry. We offer service, maintenance, spare parts and inspections, as well as the sale of new and used boilers and the leasing of mobile boilers.

RZ SBS is a company with extensive expertise in many areas, including most welding procedures required on the market, as well as certification to Swedish TR-Stål/K, EN 1090-1 and ISO 3834-2 welding requirement standards.

The leasing and servicing of steam and hot water boilers are an important part of the business. We have always aimed to provide a turnkey solution for our customers’ energy needs.

We can quote for bending, water jet cutting, trimming and general cutting of most parts, in small and large quantities. We also offer special items tailored to customer requirements. Our generous floor space and ceiling heights, as well as our powerful overhead cranes, mean we can handle large items too.

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