RZ ZamPart

RZ ZamPart has considerable expertise in machining, deep drawing, cold forging and sub-assembly, giving our customers the best methods for costeffective and quality-assured manufacturing. The company is known for its high quality and reliability, does business as a manufacturing contractor to world-leading companies within the automotive, defence and other
engineering industries. Our manufacturing comprises the full range from prototypes to continuous production.

Our large range of CNC machines can machine advanced parts weighing from a few grams up to a few hundred kg with high accuracy in most materials, including aluminium, titanium, copper and stainless steel. The material may be rods, castings or forgings. Our 50-250 tonnes eccentric and hydraulic presses cut, bend, stamp and deep draw products from strips or pads. RZ ZamPart operates 500-1000 tonne hydraulic presses mainly for cold forging of materials in aluminium and copper. To verify production quality, we use Coordinate Measuring Machines and other measuring
equipment. Our materials laboratory performs hardness testing and tensile testing, among other tests.