An entire business area focused on waste bins

Riboverken manufactures waste bins that can withstand the kicks, dogs and salty breezes of Gothenburg’s tough urban environment. We offer a complete range of bins and containers for litter and waste, containers for disposable barbecues, and modular containers for sorting waste directly on the street.

Thanks to efficient production and employing our own sales force, we can offer very competitive prices.

In 2009, we were chosen by the City of Gothenburg to produce 1,800 waste bins for delivery over three years. We started by optimizing the design and then tested materials, surface treatment and construction. The well-known bins in gray and red featuring the City of Gothenburg’s coat-of-arms are the strongest and most rugged bins available on the Swedish market.

Colour and shape that suit the urban environment

Product development for the waste bins is continuous and we change the appearance in terms of logo, text, colours, etc. to meet each client’s wishes. The bins may have ashtrays in the lid or separate ashtrays, or they may have an external return pipe for aluminium cans and PET bottles to increase recycling.
To minimize the environmental impact, all manufacturing is done in Gothenburg and the surface treatment is done in an environmentally secure way by Provexa, our subcontractor.

Cleaner parks, squares and bus stops

We are in contact with several municipalities and businesses around Sweden regarding waste bins that feature logos, and containers for disposable grills that are placed in parks and on beaches. These bins have increased the recycling of aluminium in the municipality of Gothenburg by over 1 tonne. We are constantly expanding our range of complementary products that contribute to a cleaner environment.