Safe extinguishing of trapped fire

Mekpart is the largest supplier of parts, components and accessories for the Cobra cutting extinguisher. The client is Cold Cut Systems AB, the world leader in cutting extinguishing, with systems installed in small vans and specially built large emergency vehicles in over 30 countries. In Sweden, more than 50 rescue services are frequent users of the Cobra extinguisher.

Swift use of the Cobra extinguisher suppresses the fire and gives the firefighter time to plan the operation and thus limit damage. Thanks to the high water pressure the cutting fluid will quickly cut through any type of construction material. The efficient water mist fights trapped fire and combustion gases from the outside quickly and safely.

It began over ten years ago

Mekpart have been involved in CCS’s product development in order to customize different designs prior to series production to keep down production costs and optimize the product. This includes everything from small parts, components, braces for installation in vehicles, the extinguisher lance and frame. The frame must be ergonomic and contribute to an effective and safe extinguishing of the fire. The Assembly Kit contains extinguisher, petrol engine, water tank, cutting fluids, hose reel, etc. RZ’s products are fitted throughout CCS’s product range.

The largest supplier

Mekpart is the largest supplier to CCS’s production line. We produce most components against call-off orders and stock all the extinguisher parts. We perform a lot of installation work and also do preparations for some final assembly in their facility.