Three decades of cooperation

Kils Verkstad

Imaje is an international company that manufactures sophisticated labeling machines for labelling of widely differing products. RZ Gruppen delivers hundreds of different components and parts for machinery used for the labeling of primarily outer packagings manufactured in Imaje’s plant in Gothenburg.

A large portion of these components are made of sheet metal and manufactured by Riboverken, which specializes in all the processes and opportunities offered by sheet metal – including assembly.

Mutual understanding and trust

Imaje sets high demands on quality. Our collaboration over almost three decades has meant that we have built up significant trust in each other. They know our capabilities and skills and we understand their products. We focus hard to match their requirements throughout the entire process right up to delivery.

Prototypes and starting-series

Product development cycles are short and quick at Imaje. They therefore need a reliable supplier of prototypes. Thanks to our long association with Imaje, Riboverken can quickly and efficiently develop starting-series that contain five to ten parts.

Extensive expertise and production resources

RZ Gruppen offers many complementary specialist areas that Imaje can benefit greatly from. One example is production aids such as holders and fixtures. These are often produced by RZ Finmekanik, who are specialists in the design and manufacture of complex fixtures and tools as well as prototypes for smaller production runs. Most of our staff have unique knowledge and high specialization in machining.

Both manufacturing and warehousing

An important part of the RZ Gruppen’s role as a system partner to Imaje is that we can also maintain stocks of the parts and components we manufacture. It is a great advantage for Imaje to always have access to the essential components in their production. It means they also save startup costs and reduce their inventory costs.